Goa Beach and Temple Tour Package

Temples of Goa Tour Packages Goa India takes you to the Local tourist attractions of goa Beaches and Historical Temples in Goa you can Have a peaceful religious trip to Goa India

Day 01: Goa
Explore the North Goa & South Goa. Visit Fishing village : Fishing villages are part of Goa’s rich cultural heritage. Local Goan fishing village is created on the grounds of the hotel, forming a perfect backdrop for a charming evening in a very rustic atmosphere. Artisans display their skills whilst the village dancers whirl to the music of a local band. Overnight: Hotel

Day 02: Goa Beaches goa beach tour package india
Free to relax on Beach. In the evening, enjoy Sea food Bar-be-cue on the beach – Dine under a starlit sky on succulent lobsters, jumbo prawns and other local seafood delicacies which form part of a delightful bar-be-cue set up on a lovely stretch of the Goan beach. Guests may also cook their own food on skewers over a camp fire. A local musician captures the magic of the moment on his guitar strings. Overnight: Hotel

Day 02,03 Church Visit and Nearby Sightseeing Tour

Temples to Visit in Goa
Shree Bhagavati
28 kms from Panaji in Pernem Taluka, the temple is said to be more than 500 years old. Made of black stone, two life size images of elephants in a standing position at the entrance welcomes visitors.. Dussehra is celebrated with gaiety when over 25 thousand devotees assemble at the temple.

Brahma Temple (click here for photo)
7 kms from Valpoi, in the village of Brahma Carambolim, this shrine belongs to the 5th century A.D. It is one of the few temples dedicated to Lord Brahma found in India.

Shree Chandranath

Situated on the 350-metre high hill of Chandranath at Paroda, Quepem, Chandreshwar was the titular deity of the Bhoja kings who ruled South Goa till the middle of the 8th century. They had named their capital Chandrapur after the deity. The temple is so designed that the Linga receives moonlight on every full moon. The temple commands a panoramic view and its surroundings are enchanting.

goa temple tour packages
Datta Mandir
Located at Dattawadi, Sanquelim, 40 kms from Margao, this century old temple of the Trimurthy has a backdrop of a beautiful hillock covered with dense groves of areca palms. The most important festival is Datta Jayanti which falls in the month of December. The deity is believed to have cured many people of unsound mind. The entire interior consists of white marble.

Shree Gopal Ganapati
Situated 26 kms. from Panaji at Farmagudi, Ponda, amidst beautiful natural surroundings, near Bandora.. The stone image of Gopal Ganapati was discovered by herdsmen while grazing cattle near the hill and later installed in a small shrine with a thatched roof. The temple with the idol made of metal alloy was consecrated on April 24, 1966.

Kamakshi Saunsthan Shiroda
Situated 40 kms from Panaji. According to mythology, Shri. Kamakshi was brought from Kaurang (Kanchi).

Shree Lairai Temple:
The temple of Shree Lairai is situated at Sirigao, about 2 kms from the Panaji-Valpoi highway. The temple is unique in North Goa with its combination of northern and southern art. The deity Lairai is famour all over Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka, for her unique ‘Homakund’. Every year thousands of devotees attend the annual feast of the deity to witness the walking of Dhonds through the sacred fire called ‘Homakund’.
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Mahadev Temple
66 kms from Panaji in Sanguem Taluka at the foot of the Ghats at Tambdi Surla is the only specimen of Kadamba–Yadava 13th century architecture in basalt stone preserved in Goa. A road connects Sanvordem to this temple complex.

Madanant Temple

Situated 25 kms from Mapusa, this temple complex at Sal, Bicholim has beautiful natural surroundings. The three day festival of Gadens which begins on Phalgun Purnima draws big crowds. Devotees believe they can have the darshan of ‘Devchars’ during the Gade festival.
Situated in Savoi Verem, 12 kms from Ponda and 30 kms from Panaji, this 500-year-old temple is surrounded by hills and fields, areca nut farms, coconut and cashew trees.

Maha Ganapati Mandir (click here for photo)
Located at Madel in the Tivim Village Panchayat area of Bardez in North Goa. During the month of August (Shravan) the temple is lluminated and beautifully decorated. In 1970, four statues of Ganapati, Mahishasur Mardani and some others were found.

Shree Mahalsa
Located at Mardol, one km from the Shri. Mangueshi temple, the deity worshipped here is an attribute of Vishnu.

Shree Mahalaxmi
Situated in the village of Bandode, about 4 kms from Ponda this is considered the abode of the original Goddess of the Shakti cult.. The image of Mahalakshmi has a close resemblance to that of Mahalakshmi at Kolhapur, the main centre of worship. Her special feature is that she wears a linga on her head and is considered a peaceful or Satvik form of the Devi. The Goddess Mahalakshmi was worshipped by the Shilahara rulers (9750 – 1030 A.D.) and the early Kadamba Kings of Goa.

Shree Manguesh
22 kms from Panaji (26 kms from Margao) at Priol Ponda Taluka this famous temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is located on a hillock surrounded by lush green hills. Though small, it has an air of distinctive elegance.Its lofty white tower at the entrance is a countryside landmark.

Navdurga Saunsthan
34 kms from Panaji at Borim (12 kms from Margao), the deity of Goddess Navdurga was originally brought by Brahmins of Karad to Goa. The deity was later transferred from Benaulim in Salcete to its present site at Borim.

Ramnath Mandir
Located 33 kms from Panaji in Ponda Taluka, this temple, besides the shrine of the main Ramnath deity, has four small temples of Laxminarayan,. Shantadurga (Sateri), Betal and Sidhanath. The five together constitute Shri. Ramnath Panchayatan. The legend in mythology says that Rameshwar is the original abode of Lord Ramnath.

Rudreshwar Temple
Located in Bicholim Taluka, 45 kms. from Panaji, the temple of Rudreshwar is very close to the rock-cut caves of Harvalem where the ancient linga of Rudreshwar is venerated. The idyllic Harvalem waterfalls is close by. The festival of Mahashivaratri draws big crowds Hindus perform rites for the dead here.

Shree Saptakoteshwar
37 kms from Panaji at Narve–Bicholim, this was a favoured deity of the Kadamba Kings. Its original temple was situated in the island of Diwar. The linga worshipped in this temple is faceted and is known as ‘Dharalinga’.

Sapteshwar Bhagvati
Situated 17 kms from Mapusa at Mandrem in Pernem Taluka, the complex has five temples, the main ones being of Shri. Sapteshwar and Bhagavati.

Shree Shantadurga (Kunkolienkarin)
Situated 18 kms from Margao at Fatorda (Quepem), its annual Zatra, fails in the month of Pausha Shuddha Navami and attracts thousands of devotees from all over Goa.

Shree Vithal Mandir
41 kms from Panaji, situated at Vithalwadi, Sanquelim, Shri. Vithal is the ancestral God of the ‘Ranes’. The main festival is Chaitri (April).

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