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Spa Tour India :Spa is found to relieve an aching body from its pain and heals and nourishes the body. It is recommended for those who believe in natural therapy. The word Spa came from the Latin word ‘solus per aqua’ which means “health through water”. In olden days, ayurvedic treatments are so popular in India that people tend to go there for any kind of illness. These treatments are still practiced in many parts of India and are passed down to modern generation by ancient physicians.

As natural treatments have no side effect, people tend to go to ayurvedic treatment and spa treatments. Almost all hotels and resorts in India offer spa treatments to its guests. They have separate section of staffs to deal with spa treatments and spa holidays. These treatments are done with several oils and massages are done with oils. Nowadays spa treatment is found in almost all hotels in India. This traditional treatment method has many advantages and if done properly provides more benefits to the patients. It is found that spa treatment is good for patients with skin problems, weight problems, etc. It can treat disorders caused drupe to detoxification, nutrition and anti aging. It provides a harmony between body and mind. The spa treatments have no side effects, but provides lot of good after-effects. One cannot have a heavy meal about one hour before going for a spa treatment.

Some nice spa centres have persons to hear about our problthen and then they will prescribe the correct kind of treatment. With Spa Tour India you can have Treatments like sauna, spa, hot and cold baths are found to de-stress us. In some spa centres, you can select a particular kind of treatment and undergo that treatment either in a scrub, massage or body wraps. Spa centers use various kinds of oils and creams for treatment. Some centers use herbal distillates, oils, plant extracts, minced flowers, roots and barks, while some others blend all these ingredients and create a paste. The fragrance of flowers, herbs and oils make this massage a rememberable one throughout one’s life. These oils should be left in the body for at-least 12 hour to get it’s maximum benefit. Get the best of offers in spa tour India from different spa tour operators.

Spa Tour India Destination

These spa treatments are found to cure chronic problems like arthritis and paralysis and are sought by many tourists. Though many places in Spa Tour India offer this kind of treatment, Kerala is found to be on top of this list as it gives the most traditional kind of spa treatment. In some places in Kerala, one can stay in ashrams and get spa massage from efficient and experienced physicians in the age-old natural ways. As Kerala is a treasure of herbs and medicinal plants, one can easily get this kind of treatment in any part of this state. One can get spa treatments like Avagaham, Patra podala swedam, Dhara among others in Kerala. A kind of spa treatment called Njavarakizhi is famous here in Kerala. In this a cotton bag massage is done to the tourist with a bag full of “njavara” rice, which is cooked in milk and herbals. This special kind of treatment is found to cure all types of neurological and arthritic diseases.

These spa tours arranged by tour operators mainly to kottayam, cochin and trivandrum in kerala for those who suffer from any of these arthritic diseases mentioned above. Contact our Spa Tour India tour planer for free quotes on India Spa tour Package.

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