Ayurveda Wellness Program India

Ayurveda Wellness Program India
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If you are serious about improving your body, externally and internally, you will find it hard to resist this Fitness program devised exclusively for you. There will be a consultation with the doctor who will scope out your various bodily functions and enlighten you about different doshas of your body and the way to tackle them. The fitness program is about balancing your body fat and mass thus increasing your metabolism.

The program includes traditional Ayurveda and international therapies, yoga, fitness training, swimming; even your food is taken care of – all this while you enjoy your holiday amidst the serene and calm verdure of Kumarakom. This program aims at morphing you into a completely new individual feeling a lot lighter and in better shape. So if you love your body, remember to book yourself in to this program. After all IT’S YOUR BODY and YOU have to take care of it

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